International Competition Of Feature Films

Best Feature Film    

My Pot Of Gold. Priyanka Tanwar. India. 56´  

Nymphadelle. Quentin De Jubécourt. France   55´      

Rainbow Fields. Bidyut Kotoky. India. 89´      

The Albino's Trees. Masakazu Kaneko. Japan. 86´  


Best Documentary Feature    

Badia Rock City. Nando Caballero Rodríguez. España. 80´     

El Hombre De La Montaña. Santiago Manriquez. Mexico. 69´    

Ibiza Jazz The Experience. Marco Torres Walker. Spain. 75´   

Paris - Cannes – Orleans. Dmitrey Sharabarin. Russian Federation. 59´    

Valentina. Maximilian Feldmann. Germany. 51  


Best Experimental Feature     

Symptoms. Lisa Heissenberg. Germany. 54´    

The Missing Sun. Brennan Vance. Usa. 79´   

Theox. Giorgos Nikopoulos. Greece. 67´   


Best Fantastic Feature Film     

Nona. Steffen Hildebrandt. Germany. 36´     

The Crimes Of All Hallows' Day. Héctor Escandell. Spain. 79´    

The Legend Of Silver‌ Fang Eagle. Rasool Salimian. Iran. 110´       



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